Surrogacy: Derry dads call for simpler laws in the UK

BBC | May 6, 2023

A Londonderry couple whose daughter was born via a surrogate have said UK surrogacy laws need to be simplified to make legal parentage possible for gay couples who have children through surrogacy.

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The hidden tax on same-sex couples in NZ

Stuff | April 24, 2023

In New Zealand, same-sex couples are denied access to public funding for infertility treatments, including surrogacy, that are available to heterosexual couples. This extra burden on same-sex couples only compounds existing inequalities.

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Far-right Italian Government Seeks to Limit Same-Sex Couples’ Use of Surrogacy

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s recent order to Italian municipalities to stop certifying foreign birth certificates for same-sex couples who had children through surrogacy in other countries has drawn condemnation from the European parliament. These articles explain how Meloni’s crackdown on surrogacy is part of a wider attack on the rights of LGBTQ+ Italians.

Surrogacy Emerges as the Wedge Issue for Italy’s Hard Right by Jason Horowitz, The New York Times

MEPs condemn Italy’s move to stop registering children of same-sex parents by Angelia Giuffrida, The Guardian

Italy enforces ban on recognising same-sex parenthood by Emily Vine, Progress Educational Trust

Italy’s ruling conservative majority wants to criminalize gay couples seeking surrogacy abroad by The Pink Times

Italy enforces ban on recognising same-sex parenthood

Progress Educational Trust | March 27, 2023

A recent order that stops Milan from recognizing same-sex couples as children’s parents is another strategy that Meloni’s government is using to attempt to limit avenues for LGBTQ couples to become parents.

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Italy’s ruling conservative majority wants to criminalize gay couples seeking surrogacy abroad

The Pink Times | March 23, 2023

The Italian ruling conservative coalition is pushing for a new law that would criminalize couples who travel abroad to have a baby via surrogacy. LGTBQ activists have criticized the proposed legislation as a clear attempt to marginalize LGBTQ parents.

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‘Don’t bother’: fewer than five same-sex couples in Victoria approved for adoption since 2017

The Guardian | March 18, 2023

Although Victoria legalized adoption for same-sex couples in 2017, that route to family formation leads nowhere for most same-sex couples hoping to adopt––in part due to bias and in part due to decreasing adoptions more broadly. Many same-sex couples turn to surrogacy instead.

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Parents welcome first baby born to gay couple via surrogacy in Israel

Jerusalem Post | February 22, 2023

The first baby born to a gay couple via surrogacy in Israel took place last month, after a new law implemented last year allowed single fathers, same-sex couples and transgender people to hire surrogates domestically.

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Italians travelling abroad for surrogacy could be criminalised

Progress Educational Trust | February 13, 2023

In Italy, senators close to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni have proposed a bill that would fine or imprison Italian couples who seek surrogacy abroad, further reducing the limited options for LGBTQ couples to form families.

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Nightmare Ruling For Non-Genetically Related Israeli Parents By Surrogacy

Above the Law | February 8, 2023

In a recent case, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that in future cases, no parental status should be recognized for parents of children by surrogacy without a genetic connection to the child.

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Israel has been an LGBTQ haven in the Middle East. Its new government could change that.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency | January 17, 2023

The Israeli Supreme Court extended the right to have children via surrogates to same sex couples in 2021. But its new anti-LGBTQ government put these and other protections in jeopardy.

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