‘We Are Expected To Be OK with Not Having Children’: How Gay Parenthood Through Surrogacy Became a Battleground

Jenny Kleeman | The Guardian | October 1, 2022

Gay men hoping to have biological children navigate high costs, complex surrogacy laws, and infertility definitions that exclude LGBTQ persons. But critics worry about exploitation of surrogates, especially internationally.

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Cuba Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Surrogacy

Hindustan Times | September 27, 2022

In a recent referendum on family law, Cubans voted to legalize surrogacy along with same-sex marriage and adoption. The new code permits surrogate pregnancies as long as no money changes hands and recognizes multiple parents in addition to biological parents. 

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‘They Are Not Happy with How We Love Each Other’: Gay Parents Fear a Meloni Victory

Emma Bubola | The New York Times | September 25, 2022

Gay couples in Italy fear that newly elected prime minister Giorgia Meloni may jeopardize their chance at parenthood. In her campaign, she pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples, and she tried to amend a law to ban surrogacy for Italians going abroad. 

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LGBTQ Group Petition High Court to Enforce Surrogacy Law

Yonah Jeremy Bob | The Jerusalem Post | August 29, 2022

Two NGOs and multiple LGBTQ couples filed a petition against the Israeli High Court for dragging its feet on the abolishment of surrogacy laws that exclude both single and gay men. 

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How Your Company Can Help You Pay for Starting a Family

Kathryn Vasel | CNN Business | August 24, 2022

Employers have become progressively more inclusive with their family-building benefits, with an estimated one-third of large employers offering family-planning support to LGBTQ and single workers.

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New Federal Bill Could Allow Tax Deduction for Surrogacy Expenses, Remove Discrimination Against LGBTQ Tax Payers

Men Having Babies 

The “Equal Access to Reproductive Care Act,” filed by Representatives Adam Schiff and Judy Chu, in collaboration with organizations like Men Having Babies and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, will allow LGBTQ parents and single people to deduct ARTs–including surrogacy–on tax returns without needing to demonstrate medical infertility.

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Roe Reversal May Threaten Already Fragile LGBTQ Family-Planning Landscape

Julie Moreau | NBC News | August 1, 2022

US state abortion bans could affect IVF, because discarding embryos is common practice. LGBTQ couples will be disproportionately affected and are advised to consult with attorneys. Surrogates in these states will also have limited options in cases of pregnancy complications. 

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Three, Single Gay Dads Reflect on Fatherhood, Surrogacy Journeys

Alana Wise | NPR | June 19, 2022

NPR covers the stories of three single, gay men who became fathers through surrogacy and their journey there

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Gay Couple Files Complaint Against New York City Over Denying IVF Coverage

Jo Yurcaba | NBC News | April 15, 2022

A gay couple filed a charge against New York City because the city’s insurance policy for IVF is discriminatory. The policy requires a diagnosis of infertility, which is defined as “inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse,” which excludes gay couples.

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In Breakthrough, Israel Temporary Eases Gay Surrogacy Policy

Adir Yanko | Ynet News | April 11, 2022

Israel’s Health Ministry announced that single gay males or gay couples who have frozen embryos abroad, or are planning to freeze them until the end of April, can bring them to Israel for insemination via a surrogate.

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