Welcome to Surrogacy360, an independent clearinghouse on international commercial surrogacy developed by Our Bodies Ourselves and the Center for Genetics & Society. Surrogacy360 launched in December 2016 (read the press release for more information).

People seeking surrogates (gestational mothers) also seek information to help answer their questions about the practice – questions that range from the ethical to the practical. This search is complicated by the vast amount of information available, much of which is sponsored by agents and clinics with a financial interest and is either incomplete or inaccurate.

Surrogacy360 does not broker connections between people considering surrogacy and gestational mothers. Rather, it offers resources that people considering surrogacy can trust as they make important life decisions, and it explores the relationships among those involved in surrogacy arrangements: intended parents, gestational mothers, and the many go-betweens.

We hope all parties involved will find Surrogacy360 helpful and use this site as a tool for:

Education, in response to the difficulty in finding accurate, trustworthy information about international surrogacy from non-commercial sources.

Conversation, joining a growing global debate on the way international commercial surrogacy is practiced today and its future.

Action, moving toward fairer practices in arrangements between those in (mostly) wealthy countries that seek gestational mothers in (mostly) poor countries, often with poor human rights records.

As the demand for gestational mothers continues to increase, we invite all sides to join us in a global discussion that informs the journeys of people considering surrogacy; makes visible the experiences, needs, and current treatment of women that carry and birth babies within surrogacy arrangements; and engages the community of academics, human rights supporters, and women’s health advocates working on these issues.