Surrogacy360 is a resource for people grappling with the challenges and complexities of international commercial surrogacy.

This site offers readers comprehensive and accurate information about the health questions, human rights considerations, and ethical challenges that commercial surrogacy poses. Although many websites address surrogacy, most of them are sponsored by for-profit companies with a financial interest in promoting their services.

Surrogacy360 is different. 

We are unaffiliated with any commercial entities involved in surrogacy arrangements. We do not broker connections between intended parents, surrogates, egg providers, or clinics. Instead, we offer resources intended parents can trust as they consider options and make important decisions about how to build their families.

Many people are involved in surrogacy arrangements: intended parents, surrogates, egg providers, clinics and medical personnel, attorneys, other intermediaries, and of course, children born from the practice. While Surrogacy360 is geared primarily toward intended parents seeking information on surrogacy, the site also addresses issues relevant to all parties involved. Additionally, it provides resources for advocates and scholars engaged with the topic of surrogacy. We hope all visitors will find the site helpful and use it as a tool for:

Education: accurate, trustworthy information from sources free of commercial influence and interests
Engagement: perspectives on the increasingly complex global debate surrounding international commercial surrogacy today and looking toward the future
Action: movement toward just and ethical surrogacy policies and practices that guard against human rights abuses

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Surogacy360 is a project of the Center for Genetics and Society.