A curated selection of resources and research representing different perspectives on surrogacy.

Video Stories: What Egg Donors Want Intended Parents to Know

In this video series, Surrogacy360 and We Are Egg Donors asked egg providers (donors) to share their personal stories about donating their eggs, with an emphasis on what they wish Intended Parents knew about egg donation. They each share different considerations and facets of how intended parents can advocate for the health and well-being of all egg providers. See more background on issues related to egg providers here.

Racial Justice and International Surrogacy

Racism affects every aspect of our lives, including the ways we visualize and form our families. Global momentum challenging systemic racism and other structures of injustice can also influence our collective thinking about “family.” In the current context, how can we think about family formation by surrogacy in transformative ways? What new vision can we create as we dismantle the forces that perpetuate racial inequities, constrain options for women, maintain and increase wealth gaps within and between countries, and deny recognition of LGBTQ parentage? This statement by Surrogacy360 was initially developed in collaboration with our International Advisory Committee during the global uprisings for racial justice in Spring 2020.

Ukraine Considers Surrogacy Regulations In Wartime

Above the Law | May 31, 2023

Despite major disruptions the first few months after the Russian invasion, surrogacy continues to be a robust surrogacy destination. Minimal regulation and low cost make it a popular destination for foreigners—though legal only for married heterosexual couples with a medical condition and where one parent has a genetic link to the child. This article discusses the Ukrainian parliament’s consideration and subsequent rejection of legislation that would have paused surrogacy arrangements with foreign intended parents during wartime. For more background, see Surrogacy360’s Ukraine as International Surrogacy Destination.

Legal Basics for LGBTQ Parents

The New York Times | April 17, 2020

The New York Times Parenting section offers advice from four experts at key LGBTQ legal and policy organizations on navigating parenting options (donor conception, surrogacy, fostering, adoption) in the U.S.


Research Highlights


cover of International Journal of & Comparative Sociology
Inequalities in (Trans)national Surrogacy: A Call for Examining Complex Lived Realities with an Empirical Lens
By Heather Jacobson and Virginie Rozée. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 2023, Volume 5-6 pgs. 285-303.

cover of Developing World & Bioethics
Whose Autonomy, Whose Interests? A Donor-Focused Analysis of Surrogacy and Egg Donation from the Global South
By Aireen Grace Andal. Developing World Bioethics, 2023, Volume 23 pgs. 99–108.


cover of Reproductive Biomedicine & Society Online
Making and Breaking Families – Reading Queer Reproductions, Stratified Reproduction and Reproductive Justice Together
By Marcin Smietana et al. Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online, 2018, Volume 7 pgs. 112–130.


Baby Markets and Global Inequalities: Conundrums of Commodification, Care and Social Reproduction in International Commercial Surrogacy
By Kristen Cheney. This article was originally published in Development and Change, 2018, Volume 49 Issue 4 pgs. 1127-1139 and is republished here with permission.