Hannah McCarthy travels to Kenya and finds a growing number of surrogate cases there

The Journal | August 7, 2023

Surrogacy is booming in Kenya, and some Irish intended parents are turning there for services. But surrogates face health and other risks, and intended parents are not ensured easy transfer of legal parentage in either Kenya or Ireland.

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Same-sex couples not eligible for Ireland’s new publicly-funded IVF scheme

GCN | July 25, 2023

Ireland will begin publicly funding IVF in September, but the program excludes same-sex couples and those using donor sperm or eggs. LGBTQ rights and other advocates are critiquing those and other eligibility requirements.

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Irish-Ukraine surrogacy story backed by Netflix

RTE | June 13, 2023

Two Irish filmmakers received funding from Netflix to make a short documentary about an Irish mother who brought her Ukrainian surrogate and family to live with her own family after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The key theme of the film is “connection.”

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Ireland considers new surrogacy legislation

New legislation on surrogacy in Ireland is anticipated to be drafted, debated, and enacted by July of this year. These articles explain key elements of the proposed law as well as perspectives from parents who are hopeful they will have more legal rights.

Parents worried new Irish law will continue to ban international surrogacy ‘by stealth’ by Ellen Coyne, The Irish Independent

Surrogacy legislation should be enacted by summer, says ministerRTE

Surrogacy in Ireland: Will new legislation solve the legal issues for children and families? by Sonya Bruen, Lexology

‘Kate is my daughter — but the State still does not recognise me as her mammy’ by Suzanne Grennan, Irish Examiner

‘Solid ground for optimism’ in surrogacy recognition – High Court by Vivienne, Traynor, RTE


Irish families continue to avail of Ukraine surrogacy services

Irish Examiner | March 25, 2023

Despite discouragements from the Irish government, some Irish couples have pursued new surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine even amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. Others have turned to neighboring countries, including Georgia, to find a surrogate. 

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Government Approves Policy Proposals on International Surrogacy and Recognition of Past Surrogacy Arrangements

Department of Health | gov.ie | December 13, 2022

The Irish Government approved policy and legislative proposals that would introduce a two-step process to recognize legal parentage in future international surrogacy arrangements and in some past surrogacy arrangements. The process includes safeguards to protect the child, the surrogate, and the intended parents.

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Overseas Commercial Surrogacy to be Permitted Under New Law

Pat Leahy & Kitty Holland | The Irish Times | November 13, 2022

Many Irish couples pursue surrogacy as a means to form families, usually in Ukraine. A new law will permit commercial surrogacy abroad but ban it in Ireland. It will also make it easier for intended parents to be legally recognized in Ireland.

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Hope for Hundreds of Irish Couples with Surrogate Children as New Bill to Finally End Legal Limbo Over Parenting Rights

Ellen Coyne | Independent.ie | September 23, 2022

A new bill will regulate international surrogacy in Ireland. Currently, the lack of regulation leaves some parents who hire surrogates in other countries  with no legal relationship to their child once they return to Ireland.

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Oireachtas Urged to Include International Surrogacy in Draft Bill

Irish Legal News | July 7, 2022

Ireland’s Oireachtas committee decided to include international surrogacy in the Health (ART) Bill, which originally only addressed domestic surrogacy, to establish frameworks to protect families, children, and surrogates in international arrangements as quickly as possible.

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Ireland ‘Can Be World Leader’ by Recognising International Surrogacy, Landmark Oireachtas Report Says

Ellen Coyne | Independent.ie | June 27, 2022

Under recommendations by Ireland’s Oireachtas committee, Irish intended parents would be able to go through a process to be recognized as legal parents after having a child through international surrogacy, which is currently unregulated.

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