Italy enforces ban on recognising same-sex parenthood

Progress Educational Trust | March 27, 2023

A recent order that stops Milan from recognizing same-sex couples as children’s parents is another strategy that Meloni’s government is using to attempt to limit avenues for LGBTQ couples to become parents.

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Irish families continue to avail of Ukraine surrogacy services

Irish Examiner | March 25, 2023

Despite discouragements from the Irish government, some Irish couples have pursued new surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine even amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. Others have turned to neighboring countries, including Georgia, to find a surrogate. 

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Italy’s ruling conservative majority wants to criminalize gay couples seeking surrogacy abroad

The Pink Times | March 23, 2023

The Italian ruling conservative coalition is pushing for a new law that would criminalize couples who travel abroad to have a baby via surrogacy. LGTBQ activists have criticized the proposed legislation as a clear attempt to marginalize LGBTQ parents.

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Italians travelling abroad for surrogacy could be criminalised

Progress Educational Trust | February 13, 2023

In Italy, senators close to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni have proposed a bill that would fine or imprison Italian couples who seek surrogacy abroad, further reducing the limited options for LGBTQ couples to form families.

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Bill Submitted in Japan to Recognize Donated Egg, Sperm Users as Parents

Kyodo News | November 16, 2020

In Japan, ruling and opposition parties have submitted a bill that legally recognizes the parentage of those having children using donated eggs or sperm. Current Japanese law has no provisions for in vitro fertilization involving donors. There has been some pushback against the bill, as it does not grant those born under these circumstances access to the identities of the donors. Additionally, this bill postpones decisions on legalizing surrogacy and payment for eggs and sperm.

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Surrogacy Is Complicated—Then Add a Global Pandemic

By Daniela Prugger And Oksana Parafeniuk | Marie Claire | May 17, 2020

In the wake of a video highlighting the state of surrogacy in Ukraine during COVID-19, Arina, a surrogate in Ukraine, shares her experience in lockdown. She is 28 weeks pregnant and separated from her children in another city, and the intended parents are currently unable to fly into Ukraine due to closed borders. She lists a number of concerns, including how the pandemic protocols will impact her birth plan and who will care for the child after she gives birth.

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Surrogate Pregnancies On Rise in Czech Republic

By Ruth Frankova | Radio Praha | May 14, 2019

The number of intended parents seeking surrogacy arrangements in the Czech Republic has sharply increased in recent years. This article summarizes some of the potential risks inherent in pursuing surrogacy in a country where any agreements made are “void and unenforceable.”

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Legal Basics for LGBTQ Parents

By David Dodge | The New York Times: Parenting | May 3, 2019

This guide outlines multiple pathways for LGBTQ people who want to become parents, with particular emphasis on the legal and financial issues that may arise along the way.

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Inside the Quietly Lucrative Business of Donating Human Eggs

By Paris Martineau | WIRED | April 23, 2019

Donating eggs can be lucrative but, as this article explains, it also can be confusing and frightening, leaving the donors on whom the industry depends feeling isolated and unaware of the risks.

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