How the Chinese Internet Saw Cuba’s Vote on Gay Marriage, Surrogacy

Stella Chen | South China Morning Post | October 3, 2022

On Chinese social media, news that Cubans voted to legalize non-commercial surrogacy was greeted with some skepticism. Many voiced concerns that surrogacy, which is banned in China, exploits women’s bodies, while others shared support for its legalization.

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Cuba Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Surrogacy

Hindustan Times | September 27, 2022

In a recent referendum on family law, Cubans voted to legalize surrogacy along with same-sex marriage and adoption. The new code permits surrogate pregnancies as long as no money changes hands and recognizes multiple parents in addition to biological parents. 

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Gay Marriage, Adoption, Surrogacy: Revolutionary Bill Raises Hope Among LGBTQ+ Cubans

Nora Gámez Torres | Miami Herald | September 17, 2021

The Cuban government recently drafted a family code that would allow same-sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples, and uncompensated surrogacy arrangements. Before the code passes, however, the legal framework must be approved in a national referendum, which will likely  be difficult, given opposition from religious groups. Still, LGBTQ+ allies in Cuba says the proposal already “shatters paradigms” and is “much more than what we expected,” given the repressive and homophobic history of the Cuban revolution.

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