‘We Are Expected To Be OK with Not Having Children’: How Gay Parenthood Through Surrogacy Became a Battleground

Jenny Kleeman | The Guardian | October 1, 2022

Gay men hoping to have biological children navigate high costs, complex surrogacy laws, and infertility definitions that exclude LGBTQ persons. But critics worry about exploitation of surrogates, especially internationally.

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Cuba Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Surrogacy

Hindustan Times | September 27, 2022

In a recent referendum on family law, Cubans voted to legalize surrogacy along with same-sex marriage and adoption. The new code permits surrogate pregnancies as long as no money changes hands and recognizes multiple parents in addition to biological parents. 

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SC to Examine Plea Against Provisions of Surrogacy, ART Acts

Ashish Tripathi | Deccan Herald | September 26, 2022

India’s Supreme Court will examine a challenge to the 2021 Surrogacy Act and Assisted Reproduction Act. The petition contends that the ban on commercial surrogacy may result in the exploitation of women within the family under the guise of altruistic surrogacy.

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How a Photo of Khloé Kardashian Reignited Debate on Motherhood, Surrogacy, and Global Inequality

Rohitha Naraharisetty | The Swaddle | September 26, 2022

While international surrogacy makes parenthood possible for some, it also operates within global systems of inequality that leave surrogates with little recognition or power.

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‘They Are Not Happy with How We Love Each Other’: Gay Parents Fear a Meloni Victory

Emma Bubola | The New York Times | September 25, 2022

Gay couples in Italy fear that newly elected prime minister Giorgia Meloni may jeopardize their chance at parenthood. In her campaign, she pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples, and she tried to amend a law to ban surrogacy for Italians going abroad. 

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Hope for Hundreds of Irish Couples with Surrogate Children as New Bill to Finally End Legal Limbo Over Parenting Rights

Ellen Coyne | Independent.ie | September 23, 2022

A new bill will regulate international surrogacy in Ireland. Currently, the lack of regulation leaves some parents who hire surrogates in other countries  with no legal relationship to their child once they return to Ireland.

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CNN’s ‘The Baby Business’ Scratches Surface, Pushes Fertility Regulation

Ellen Trachman | Above the Law | September 7, 2022

CNN’s program “Special Report: The Baby Business” showed how the lack of regulation of assisted reproductive technologies can make fertility treatment a risky business for families who want children as well as surrogates and donors.

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LGBTQ Group Petition High Court to Enforce Surrogacy Law

Yonah Jeremy Bob | The Jerusalem Post | August 29, 2022

Two NGOs and multiple LGBTQ couples filed a petition against the Israeli High Court for dragging its feet on the abolishment of surrogacy laws that exclude both single and gay men. 

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New Federal Bill Could Allow Tax Deduction for Surrogacy Expenses, Remove Discrimination Against LGBTQ Tax Payers

Men Having Babies 

The “Equal Access to Reproductive Care Act,” filed by Representatives Adam Schiff and Judy Chu, in collaboration with organizations like Men Having Babies and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, will allow LGBTQ parents and single people to deduct ARTs–including surrogacy–on tax returns without needing to demonstrate medical infertility.

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Ukraine Conflict Highlights Legal Issues Surrounding International Commercial Surrogacy

Sophie Cameron | International Bar Association | July 29, 2022

The recent Supreme Court decision in the US and the war in Ukraine Illustrate how the absence of an international convention on surrogacy arrangements and of parentage laws impact surrogates and children.

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