Event Review: Future Directions in Surrogacy Law

Progress Educational Trust | January 23, 2023

The U.K. is in the process of reconsidering its surrogacy laws. Potential reforms include surrogacy birth registration, the process through which intended parents acquire legal parenthood, surrogates’ expenses, and how people born through surrogacy can access information about their origins.

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Commercialization of Surrogacy in India: The Effects of Globalisation

The Times of India | January 24, 2023

Surrogacy laws in India are caught between conflicting interests of stakeholders. The state aims to protect the surrogate from exploitation, but banning surrogacy may infringe on women’s right to reproductive autonomy and limit opportunities for parenthood.

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Israel has been an LGBTQ haven in the Middle East. Its new government could change that.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency | January 17, 2023

The Israeli Supreme Court extended the right to have children via surrogates to same sex couples in 2021. But its new anti-LGBTQ government put these and other protections in jeopardy.

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EU-wide Recognition of Surrogacy and Same-Sex Parenthood Proposed

Blair Sowry | Progress | December 19, 2022

New regulation would compel EU member states to recognize parentage for LGBTQ and all families created through surrogacy in other member states. The intent is to support LGBTQ equality and rights of the child. But Poland may veto the proposal.

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Why Egg Donors Need to be Brought Out of the Shadows in Surrogacy Arrangements

Dr Marilyn Crawshaw & Nina Barnsley | Progress | December 19, 2022

While research and discussions around surrogacy increasingly address relationships between surrogates and intended parents, they often fail to include egg donors, leading to marginalization of donors and lack of full knowledge of genetic origins for donor conceived people. 

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Government Approves Policy Proposals on International Surrogacy and Recognition of Past Surrogacy Arrangements

Department of Health | gov.ie | December 13, 2022

The Irish Government approved policy and legislative proposals that would introduce a two-step process to recognize legal parentage in future international surrogacy arrangements and in some past surrogacy arrangements. The process includes safeguards to protect the child, the surrogate, and the intended parents.

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The State Duma Banned Foreigners From Using Russian Surrogate Mothers

News Desk | The European Times | December 10, 2022

The State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, passed a bill banning foreigners from hiring Russian surrogates. Married couples in which one spouse is a Russian citizen will be able to pursue surrogacy in Russia, but a child born to a surrogate in Russia will automatically receive Russian citizenship.

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State Issues Guideline for All Surrogacy Clinics

Team MP | millenniumpost | December 8, 2022

The State Health Department in Kolkata has clarified the guidelines regulating surrogacy in India, which came into effect in January 2021. They detail the medical conditions that permit a woman to opt for surrogacy and stipulate that the intending parents must be married and fall within a particular age range.

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LAHA Explains Why Bill On Surrogacy, Human Fertilisation Is Important In Lagos; Stakeholders Commend Bill

Akinwale Kasali | The Source | December 7, 2022

Nigerian lawmakers are discussing the need for regulation of surrogacy in the country, with some emphasizing the importance of protecting the rights of women and children who are involved in surrogacy.

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Health Insurance Will Soon Cover IVF Surrogacy for Women Who Cannot Have Children

NL Times | December 3, 2022

Health insurers in the Netherlands will cover the costs of IVF and surrogacy for cisgender women who are otherwise unable to carry a pregnancy to term. Surrogacy will not be covered for male couples, single prospective fathers or transgender people.

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