Ukraine Considers Surrogacy Regulations In Wartime

Above the Law | May 31, 2023

In April 2023, the Ukrainian parliament considered and ultimately rejected legislation that would have paused surrogacy arrangements with foreign intended parents during wartime. 

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Khloe Kardashian praised for ‘honesty’ after admitting she felt ‘guilty’ about surrogate pregnancy

The Independent | May 28, 2023

Khloé Kardashian discussed her recent experience of having a child through a surrogate: “I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – it’s great, but it’s very different.”

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The hidden tax on same-sex couples in NZ

Stuff | April 24, 2023

In New Zealand, same-sex couples are denied access to public funding for infertility treatments, including surrogacy, that are available to heterosexual couples. This extra burden on same-sex couples only compounds existing inequalities.

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Ireland considers new surrogacy legislation

New legislation on surrogacy in Ireland is anticipated to be drafted, debated, and enacted by July of this year. These articles explain key elements of the proposed law as well as perspectives from parents who are hopeful they will have more legal rights.

Parents worried new Irish law will continue to ban international surrogacy ‘by stealth’ by Ellen Coyne, The Irish Independent

Surrogacy legislation should be enacted by summer, says ministerRTE

Surrogacy in Ireland: Will new legislation solve the legal issues for children and families? by Sonya Bruen, Lexology

‘Kate is my daughter — but the State still does not recognise me as her mammy’ by Suzanne Grennan, Irish Examiner

‘Solid ground for optimism’ in surrogacy recognition – High Court by Vivienne, Traynor, RTE


Proposed Reforms to UK Surrogacy Law

Proposed reforms to UK surrogacy law published by the Law Commissions of Scotland and England and Wales include a new “pathway” for intended parents to become legal parents as soon as the child is born, as well as a continued ban on payment for surrogacy. These articles explain or provide commentary on the proposed reforms as well as implications should they be implemented.

Surrogacy Law: What Is Intended… For Parents? For Surrogates? For Children? by Zaina Mahmoud, Progress Educational Trust

PET Podcast: Surrogacy Law – What Is Intended… For Parents? For Surrogates? For Children?by Sarah Norcross, Progress Educational Trust

Pandora’s box: Implications of surrogacy law reform proposals for birth registration by Thérèse Callus, Progress Educational Trust

Law Commissions’ proposals won’t achieve surrogacy modernisation by Natalie Gamble, Progress Educational Trust

Law Commissions publish draft surrogacy bill by Zoe Beketova, Progress Educational Trust

Intended parents should get legal status from birth, says British surrogacy review by Haroon Siddique, The Guardian

Surrogacy shake up in UK would create uneven treatment for birth mothers by Teresa Baron, The Conversation

Far-right Italian Government Seeks to Limit Same-Sex Couples’ Use of Surrogacy

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s recent order to Italian municipalities to stop certifying foreign birth certificates for same-sex couples who had children through surrogacy in other countries has drawn condemnation from the European parliament. These articles explain how Meloni’s crackdown on surrogacy is part of a wider attack on the rights of LGBTQ+ Italians.

Surrogacy Emerges as the Wedge Issue for Italy’s Hard Right by Jason Horowitz, The New York Times

MEPs condemn Italy’s move to stop registering children of same-sex parents by Angelia Giuffrida, The Guardian

Italy enforces ban on recognising same-sex parenthood by Emily Vine, Progress Educational Trust

Italy’s ruling conservative majority wants to criminalize gay couples seeking surrogacy abroad by The Pink Times

Surrogacy: Parenthood as a global industry

El País | April 3, 2023

Because surrogacy in the United States–the most popular destination– is so expensive, more couples from countries where surrogacy is illegal are turning to Mexico to find surrogates. But the industry’s lack of regulation leaves surrogates vulnerable to exploitation.

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Spanish TV star’s decision to have child via surrogate in US sparks furore

The Guardian | March 30, 2023

A 68-year-old Spanish actor’s decision to have a child via a surrogate in the U.S. has set off a political firestorm in Spain, prompting both criticism from several government ministers as well as calls to reconsider Spain’s longstanding ban on the practice.

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Italy enforces ban on recognising same-sex parenthood

Progress Educational Trust | March 27, 2023

A recent order that stops Milan from recognizing same-sex couples as children’s parents is another strategy that Meloni’s government is using to attempt to limit avenues for LGBTQ couples to become parents.

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Irish families continue to avail of Ukraine surrogacy services

Irish Examiner | March 25, 2023

Despite discouragements from the Irish government, some Irish couples have pursued new surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine even amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. Others have turned to neighboring countries, including Georgia, to find a surrogate. 

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