It’s hard to find a surrogate in Australia. But heading overseas comes with risks

The Conversation | November 8, 2023

Finding a surrogate in Australia is challenging, motivating some intended parents to go overseas to find a surrogate. International surrogacy brings its own challenges––not only for intended parents, but also for surrogates and the children resulting from these arrangements.

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Bills aim to update Michigan’s surrogacy laws

Woodtv | October 25, 2023

Proposed bills in Michigan would repeal the state’s Surrogate Parenting Act and replace it with new legislation that would decriminalize surrogacy, make it easier for intended parents to establish legal parentage, and allow children born via surrogacy to receive a birth certificate.

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Concerning shifts in the shrinking world of global surrogacy

Progress Educational Trust | September 25, 2023

With the growing global demand for surrogacy, and a narrowing range of options as countries close their doors to foreigners seeking surrogates, intended parents are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate cross-border surrogacy arrangements in an ethical way.

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Feminism Without Borders: On Hawon Jung’s “Flowers of Fire” and Aviva Wei Xue and Kate Rose’s “Weibo Feminism”

LA Review of Books | September 16, 2023

Two recent books examine feminism in South Korea and China and draw attention to US involvement in reproductive control efforts in both countries. Motivated in part by incentives from the US, the South Korean government adopted population control policies that curtailed women’s reproductive rights. 

The Chinese government’s implementation of the one-child policy helped spur the growth of a form of decentralized Chinese feminism distinct from Western autonomy-focused feminism. One evident example of the contrast is disagreement about whether surrogacy is a matter of women’s choice or will inevitably lead to the exploitation of poor women. 


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Will Human Trafficking Surrogacy Charges In Greece Affect The US?

Above the Law | September 6, 2023

Nine medical team workers at one of the most reputable fertility clinics in Crete were arrested for human trafficking: they are accused of bringing impoverished women from other countries to be egg donors and surrogates; buying and selling embryos; and other crimes.

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Paid Parental Leave and the New Surrogacy Regime in Israel: How do Men Fare?

Harvard Law School Petrie-Flom Center | September 5, 2023

Israel’s assisted reproduction regulations assume a heteronormative understanding of the family, but recent court rulings in the country pave the way for more egalitarian treatment of LGBTQ families that ought to be reflected in the regulations themselves.

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Forced Gifting: English Surrogacy, Gestational Labor, and the Inequality of Choice

Harvard Law School Petrie-Flom Center | September 4, 2023

England and Wales do not allow compensated surrogacy on the logic that altruistic surrogacy better protects surrogates from exploitation, but in doing so, UK law supports a long history of devaluing women’s reproductive labor.

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Hannah McCarthy travels to Kenya and finds a growing number of surrogate cases there

The Journal | August 7, 2023

Surrogacy is booming in Kenya, and some Irish intended parents are turning there for services. But surrogates face health and other risks, and intended parents are not ensured easy transfer of legal parentage in either Kenya or Ireland.

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Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights

LGBTQ Nation | July 17, 2023

In conjunction with its attack on the rights of same-sex parents, the Italian government has begun retroactively stripping same-sex parents of their legal connection to their children––including those who formed families using surrogacy.

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Anger As UK Police Claim They’re Unable To Prosecute ‘Criminal’ Surrogacy Agency New Life

Pulitzer Center | July 16, 2023

British police say that New Life, an international agency that sells cut-price, offshore surrogacies to infertile and gay couples, has broken the UK’s Surrogacy Arrangements Law, but the authorities claim to be unable to prosecute anyone involved.

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