‘We Are Expected To Be OK with Not Having Children’: How Gay Parenthood Through Surrogacy Became a Battleground

Jenny Kleeman | The Guardian | October 1, 2022

Gay men hoping to have biological children navigate high costs, complex surrogacy laws, and infertility definitions that exclude LGBTQ persons. But critics worry about exploitation of surrogates, especially internationally.

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How a Photo of Khloé Kardashian Reignited Debate on Motherhood, Surrogacy, and Global Inequality

Rohitha Naraharisetty | The Swaddle | September 26, 2022

While international surrogacy makes parenthood possible for some, it also operates within global systems of inequality that leave surrogates with little recognition or power.

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‘They Are Not Happy with How We Love Each Other’: Gay Parents Fear a Meloni Victory

Emma Bubola | The New York Times | September 25, 2022

Gay couples in Italy fear that newly elected prime minister Giorgia Meloni may jeopardize their chance at parenthood. In her campaign, she pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples, and she tried to amend a law to ban surrogacy for Italians going abroad. 

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Surrogacy During the War in Ukraine

Updated September 6, 2022

See Ukraine as International Surrogacy Destination for context on the surrogacy industry in Ukraine

The Russian war on Ukraine is having a devastating effect on millions of people and the country’s infrastructure and land. One lesser-known area of anguish is the impact on newborn surrogacy-born babies, surrogates and their families, and the babies’ parents from other countries. Ukraine is one of the largest hubs for international surrogacy in the world, second only to the United States. Minimal regulation and low cost make it a popular destination for foreign couples—though only available to married heterosexual couples—and economic hardship gives rise to more women willing to provide surrogacy services. This roundup of articles presents a number of stories of harrowing and dangerous situations for infants, surrogates, and new or soon-to-be parents as well as analyses regarding the invisibility of surrogates in media coverage and the unequal options and resources available to commissioning parents vs surrogates in Ukraine.

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New Federal Bill Could Allow Tax Deduction for Surrogacy Expenses, Remove Discrimination Against LGBTQ Tax Payers

Men Having Babies 

The “Equal Access to Reproductive Care Act,” filed by Representatives Adam Schiff and Judy Chu, in collaboration with organizations like Men Having Babies and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, will allow LGBTQ parents and single people to deduct ARTs–including surrogacy–on tax returns without needing to demonstrate medical infertility.

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Tinder-style App Lets Hopeful Partners Swipe to Find a Surrogate Mother by Matching Users ‘With the Right People’

Jim Norton | Daily Mail | July 12, 2022

A new, Tinder-style app in the UK will use Artificial Intelligence to match intended parents to potential surrogates according to selected characteristics.

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Proposed Tennessee House Bill Could Impact Families Going Through IVF

Maranda Whittington | WREG | June 30, 2022

Tennessee’s trigger ban is set to go into effect within a month to prevent all abortions, and another bill introduced this session would expand offenses of “child abuse, neglect and endangerment” to an “unborn child,” defined as starting at fertilization. This would mean that those trying to start a family through IVF or surrogacy–or their physician–might face criminal charges if they discarded extra embryos.

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India Banned Commercial Surrogacy. Now, Parents are Flocking to Georgia, a Rare Nation Where It’s Legal – and Relatively Cheap.

Charu Sudan Kasturi | Business Insider | June 8, 2022

India’s commercial surrogacy ban may be driving intended parents to Georgia, where commercial surrogacy is not only legal but also relatively inexpensive. Georgia’s laws also favor intended parents, because the surrogate has no legal parentage rights to the child.

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Desperately Seeking Surrogates

Danielle Braff | The New York Times | April 2, 2022

The pandemic introduced new disconnects between surrogate and biological parents, including vaccine mandates, unemployment, and travel bans. As a result, there has been a 60% decrease in potential surrogates, doubled wait times, and significantly increased fees. 

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Irish Parents of Babies Born Through Surrogacy Face €88-a-day Fee for ‘Nanny’ Care if They Can’t Travel to Ukraine

Laura Lynott | Independent.ie | February 13, 2022

14 babies were born to surrogates between May 2021 and present-day in Ukraine, which is currently under threat of invasion by Russian military forces. The Irish intended parents, advised against  traveling to Ukraine under the current circumstances, may need to pay 88 Euros a day for nannies to care for their children.

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