Proposed changes to surrogacy law ‘will not be taken forward at the moment’

The Independent | November 10, 2023

A UK health minister says that a major overhaul to surrogacy regulations, proposed by the Law Commission, will not be adopted at this time.

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It’s hard to find a surrogate in Australia. But heading overseas comes with risks

The Conversation | November 8, 2023

Finding a surrogate in Australia is challenging, motivating some intended parents to go overseas to find a surrogate. International surrogacy brings its own challenges––not only for intended parents, but also for surrogates and the children resulting from these arrangements.

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Health Ministry to deliver draft surrogacy proposal

Focus Taiwan | November 8, 2023

Surrogacy is currently illegal in Taiwan, but the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare is preparing to draft revisions to its Assisted Reproduction Act. The changes would legalize surrogacy and to grant same-sex couples and single women equal rights to assisted reproduction.

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UAE legalises IVF, surrogacy for unmarried couples

Samaa | November 4, 2023

Amendments to fertility laws in the United Arab Emirates have decriminalized surrogacy and expanded access to IVF and fertility preservation services.

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Bills aim to update Michigan’s surrogacy laws

Woodtv | October 25, 2023

Proposed bills in Michigan would repeal the state’s Surrogate Parenting Act and replace it with new legislation that would decriminalize surrogacy, make it easier for intended parents to establish legal parentage, and allow children born via surrogacy to receive a birth certificate.

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Government to drop ‘discriminatory’ law stopping people with HIV starting a surrogate family

The Pink News | October 25, 2023

New legislation in the UK will allow people living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load to donate eggs or sperm for surrogacy. The prohibition will also be lifted for couples living with HIV to make surrogacy arrangements.

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Wombs for Rent – Setting the Record Straight

Surrogate Voices | October 14, 2023

A new U.K. coalition, Surrogate Voices, advocates for consulting surrogates in shaping regulations and protections. They also challenge the conflation of U.K. altruistic surrogacy arrangements with compensated arrangements.

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Surrogacy only criminalised in the context of trafficking under new proposals

European Parliament | October 11, 2023

The European Parliament Women’s Rights and Civil Liberties committees adopted Parliament’s draft position: they name surrogacy in cases of reproductive exploitation as a form of human trafficking. If a woman is recruited as a surrogate through threats, she would be considered a victim of trafficking and benefit from rights designated under these rules, while the traffickers would be prosecuted.

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For queer couples wanting a child in China, surrogacy brings hope and danger

Rest of World | October 10, 2023

According to this article, in China, surrogacy is neither permitted nor prohibited under the law. Chinese LGBTQIA people are turning to online surrogacy services to have children, but censorship of queer content online limits access to reliable information and leaves intended parents vulnerable to scams.

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Concerning shifts in the shrinking world of global surrogacy

Progress Educational Trust | September 25, 2023

With the growing global demand for surrogacy, and a narrowing range of options as countries close their doors to foreigners seeking surrogates, intended parents are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate cross-border surrogacy arrangements in an ethical way.

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