Cambodian Women Face Surrogacy Charges After Vietnam Births

By Evelyn Mahon | CGS TV | July 19, 2019

Three Cambodian women have been charged with violating surrogacy and human trafficking laws after they gave birth to babies they delivered to Chinese nationals in Vietnam.

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No Easy Answers to Surrogacy Questions

By Evelyn Mahon | CGS TV | July 18, 2019

This article summarizes the legal history of surrogacy in Ireland and breaks down components of the Assisted Reproduction Bill, which proposes to outlaw commercial surrogacy of any kind in the country.

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What Now? Grappling with Compensated Surrogacy Beyond the New York Bill

By Emily Galpern | Center for Genetics and Society | June 28, 2019

The failure of New York’s Child-Parent Security Act highlights the complexities of crafting surrogacy policy grounded in social justice principles. This article explains that, while addressing such considerations is no small task, it’s an important one: Policy efforts to legalize and regulate compensated surrogacy are ramping up in other states and will likely return to the New York State Legislature next year.

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The Case for Redefining Infertility

By Anna Louie Sussman | The New Yorker | June 18, 2019

Employers and insurance providers have different requirements for diagnosing infertility depending on the identity of the patient. This article explores how, despite the fact that infertility can affect anyone, our current definition of infertility is limited in scope and can lead to exclusionary treatment practices.

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The Bay Area Is an Incubator for the Future of Fertility

By Alexandra Suich Bass | The Economist 1843 | June 15, 2019 

This article summarizes the growing demand for surrogacy in the California Bay Area, especially within the tech industry. High salaries, entrepreneurial culture, and an advantageous legal system contribute to this new trend, and may be an indicator of where the rest of the country is heading.

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Surrogate Pregnancy Battle Pits Progressives Against Feminists

By Vivian Wang | The New York Times | June 12, 2019 

A New York State bill that would legalize commercial surrogacy has, despite strong progressive support, been faced with opposition from prominent feminists. This article summarizes positions on different sides of the debate surrounding the bill.

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