Paid Parental Leave and the New Surrogacy Regime in Israel: How do Men Fare?

Harvard Law School Petrie-Flom Center | September 5, 2023

Israel’s assisted reproduction regulations assume a heteronormative understanding of the family, but recent court rulings in the country pave the way for more egalitarian treatment of LGBTQ families that ought to be reflected in the regulations themselves.

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On Surrogacy, a Top Israeli Feminist Does the Nonfeminist Thing

Haaretz | May 8, 2023

Although advances make it possible for more people to have children via surrogacy, proper protections are needed to ensure that surrogates are not exploited.

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Israeli Surrogacy Drama Series ‘A Body That Works’ Makes International Premiere at Series Mania, Debuts Trailer

Algemeiner | March 22, 2023

An Israeli drama series, “A Body That Works,” chronicles the journey of a couple who turns to surrogacy after struggling to get pregnant. The series has generated conversation in Israel related to reproductive norms, bodily autonomy, and treatment of surrogates.

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Parents welcome first baby born to gay couple via surrogacy in Israel

Jerusalem Post | February 22, 2023

The first baby born to a gay couple via surrogacy in Israel took place last month, after a new law implemented last year allowed single fathers, same-sex couples and transgender people to hire surrogates domestically.

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Nightmare Ruling For Non-Genetically Related Israeli Parents By Surrogacy

Above the Law | February 8, 2023

In a recent case, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that in future cases, no parental status should be recognized for parents of children by surrogacy without a genetic connection to the child.

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Israel has been an LGBTQ haven in the Middle East. Its new government could change that.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency | January 17, 2023

The Israeli Supreme Court extended the right to have children via surrogates to same sex couples in 2021. But its new anti-LGBTQ government put these and other protections in jeopardy.

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LGBTQ Group Petition High Court to Enforce Surrogacy Law

Yonah Jeremy Bob | The Jerusalem Post | August 29, 2022

Two NGOs and multiple LGBTQ couples filed a petition against the Israeli High Court for dragging its feet on the abolishment of surrogacy laws that exclude both single and gay men. 

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Israel’s Openly Gay Health Minister Talks Conversion Therapies, Surrogacy and Religion

Ravit Hecht | Haaretz | June 8, 2022

Israel’s openly gay Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz comments on the new law legalizing surrogacy for gay male couples in Israel. He maintains that surrogacy should be equally accessible for all, with safeguards against exploitation. 

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In Breakthrough, Israel Temporary Eases Gay Surrogacy Policy

Adir Yanko | Ynet News | April 11, 2022

Israel’s Health Ministry announced that single gay males or gay couples who have frozen embryos abroad, or are planning to freeze them until the end of April, can bring them to Israel for insemination via a surrogate.

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Foreign Ministry Workers Stop Helping Babies Born to Surrogates in Protest

Lahac Harkov | The Jerusalem Post | January 17, 2022

Israel’s Foreign Ministry workers stopped registering babies born to surrogates overseas (mostly the United States, Georgia, and Colombia) to protest pay cuts and deteriorating work conditions. Though the Foreign Ministry has faced numerous budget cuts, the workload of foreign consular services employees has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a series of unreasonable events and requests, such as elimination of overtime pay and required availability 24 hours a day, the union is protesting and calling for better treatment.

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