Concerning shifts in the shrinking world of global surrogacy

Progress Educational Trust | September 25, 2023

With the growing global demand for surrogacy, and a narrowing range of options as countries close their doors to foreigners seeking surrogates, intended parents are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate cross-border surrogacy arrangements in an ethical way.

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Australian woman fears Greek surrogacy scandal jeopardises her dream of motherhood

ABC News | September 8, 2023

Many Australian intended parents seek surrogates in other countries because of legal barriers at home, but complex regulations abroad and exploitative practices at some clinics make it difficult to find workable and ethical surrogacy arrangements. After a Greek surrogacy clinic was raided due to charges of human trafficking, Australian intended parents who had arrangements with the clinic face uncertainties about whether they will be able to take home their children. 

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Will Human Trafficking Surrogacy Charges In Greece Affect The US?

Above the Law | September 6, 2023

Nine medical team workers at one of the most reputable fertility clinics in Crete were arrested for human trafficking: they are accused of bringing impoverished women from other countries to be egg donors and surrogates; buying and selling embryos; and other crimes.

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Assisted Reproduction Crime Network in Greece Highlights Need for Monitoring Surrogacy

By Katia Neofytou | BioNews | October 21, 2019

Authorities in Thessaloniki, Greece (where altruistic surrogacy is legal), have arrested at least 20 people involved in an organized crime ring that illegally brokered assisted reproduction activities and reportedly sold children. This article explores the question, “What does this case mean for Greek surrogacy?”

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