Italians travelling abroad for surrogacy could be criminalised

Progress Educational Trust | February 13, 2023

In Italy, senators close to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni have proposed a bill that would fine or imprison Italian couples who seek surrogacy abroad, further reducing the limited options for LGBTQ couples to form families.

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‘It’s a Medieval Vision’: Fears for LGBTQ+ Rights in Meloni’s Italy

Angela Giuffrida | The Guardian | October 24, 2022

LGBTQ people in Italy fear that Italy’s new prime minister Giorgia Meloni will act on her campaign promises to limit opportunities for them  to form families, including banning LGTBQ couples from seeking surrogacy abroad.

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The Legal Position of International Surrogacy in England and Italy and the Recognition of Foreign Parental Orders

Connie Atkinson, Veronica Dindo | Kingsley Napley | January 6, 2020

This blog describes the current legal situation in England, Wales, and Italy regarding international surrogacy arrangements and parental orders issued in other countries.  England and Wales recognize the surrogate as the legal mother upon birth and intended parents must apply to the English court for a parental order. Surrogacy in Italy is prohibited altogether, and parental recognition in other countries is rejected by the Italian authority, giving rise to individual legal battles.

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