EU-wide Recognition of Surrogacy and Same-Sex Parenthood Proposed

Blair Sowry | Progress | December 19, 2022

New regulation would compel EU member states to recognize parentage for LGBTQ and all families created through surrogacy in other member states. The intent is to support LGBTQ equality and rights of the child. But Poland may veto the proposal.

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Poor Legal Regulation Threatens Health of Ukraine’s Egg Donors

Kate Baklitskaya and Magdalena Chodownik | New Eastern Europe | March 15, 2021

This article highlights the need for stricter regulation of surrogacy and egg donation in Ukraine and Poland, underscored by additional risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Early travel bans left many newborns stranded in Ukraine, and the current economic decline may be motivating more women to sell their eggs for extra income. However, Ukraine and Poland have not developed legislation to protect egg donors’ safety and privacy.

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