Why Some LGBTQ Parents Still Have to Adopt Their Biological Children in 2019

By Hannah Harris Green | Vice | August 20, 2019

This article looks at the troubling case of a same-sex couple who had to go to great lengths to establish both mothers as legal parents, and explains some of the legal barriers to establishing parentage as an LGBTQ family.

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Gay Couple Sues Over U.S. Refusal to Recognize Child as Citizen

By The Associated Press | NBC News | July 24, 2019

This article summarizes the case of Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg, a couple from Georgia who are suing the U.S. State Department for refusing to recognize the citizenship of their daughter, born in England via surrogacy.

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Surrogacy Agencies Move to Kenya

By Michael Cook | BioEdge | June 9, 2019

Since 2016, Kenya has become a new hub for international commercial surrogacy. This article identifies potential risks posed by the lack of regulations and cultural biases against LGBTQ people, and warn that pursuing surrogacy arrangements in Kenya could lead to a “dangerous situation.”

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Both Parents Are American. The U.S. Says Their Baby Isn’t.

By Sarah Mervosh | The New York Times | May 21, 2019 

The U.S. State Department has come under intense scrutiny in recent months amidst accusations it discriminates against same-sex couples by requiring higher citizenship standards for their children—even when the couple is legally married.

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Trump Administration to LGBT Couples: Your ‘Out of Wedlock’ Kids Aren’t Citizens

By Scott Bixby | Daily Beast | May 15, 2019 

American parents who enter into surrogacy arrangements in countries outside the U.S. often assume—based on precedent—that their child will be eligible for birthright citizenship. However, the Trump administration now interprets the Immigration and Nationality Act to mean that “a child born abroad must be biologically related to a U.S. citizen parent,” a reality that puts many LGBTQ families at heightened risk for legal complications.

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Legal Basics for LGBTQ Parents

By David Dodge | The New York Times: Parenting | May 3, 2019

This guide outlines multiple pathways for LGBTQ people who want to become parents, with particular emphasis on the legal and financial issues that may arise along the way.

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