SPH Hosts a Talk on Surrogacy, Gene Editing, and Egg Provision

AUA Newsroom | November 12, 2019

In her talk at the American University of Armenia Turpanjian School of Public Health, Judy Norsigian, founding member of Our Bodies, Ourselves, spoke about the rapid expansion of global commercial surrogacy; the lack of consideration for the health and well-being of gestational mothers and children born of surrogacy; the importance of advancing best practices and human rights in both surrogacy and egg retrieval; and the need to be cautious about human genome modification. 

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Parents Via Surrogacy Can Experience Postpartum Depression, Doc Shows

By Morgan Brinlee | Romper | October 25, 2019

A new documentary from Independent Lens called Made in Boise tells the stories of four Idaho women who act as surrogates and the intended parents who compensate them for carrying pregnancies. As this article and video clip explain, one of the surprises in the documentary is the revelation that some intended parents experience postpartum depression after the births of their babies.

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My American Surrogate

By Leslie Tai | The New York Times | September 24, 2019

This article and video tell the story of Qiqi, an entrepreneurial woman from China who has made a name for herself connecting Chinese intended parents with American surrogates. Content warning: This video depicts a live birth.

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‘My mum’s meeting my dad for the first time’

BBC | August 23, 2019

This 24-minute film tells the story of a young woman preparing to meet the man who donated the sperm her mothers used to conceive her, and also meeting several of the 19 half-siblings who were “fathered” by the same donor.

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Surrogacy Bill Published

By Jonathan Sacramento | CGS TV | July 17, 2019

This short video explains the surrogacy bill recently introduced in Gibraltar.

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The U.S. has Few Regulations Compared to the Rest of the World

By Bianca Facchinei | Newsy | July 5, 2019

Although the market for egg provision has dramatically expanded over the last few years, the US does very little to regulate this practice. This video offers multiple testimonials and perspectives on the potential ethical and medical risks of providing eggs. Note: While the bulk of this video is accurate and compelling, one of the interviewees makes two inaccurate statements. Contrary to his assertions, there are differences between providing eggs as a donor versus for one’s own fertility treatment, and there has not been sufficient research on the long-term effects of egg provision.

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