Article: Cambodia Bans Booming Commercial Surrogacy Industry

Cambodia Bans Booming Commercial Surrogacy Industry
AFP | Nov. 3, 2016

[A] government edict sent to Cambodian fertility clinics and seen by AFP on Thursday (Nov 3) said that surrogacy was now “absolutely banned”.

Cambodia has become the latest country to ban surrogacy, following a government edict sent to all fertility clinics in the country.

Phon Puthborey, spokesman for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, describes this as a “transitional period” because the country does not have a law on the books but is looking for ways to effectively implement regulation.

“We are looking for (other) possible measures to respond to the matter effectively. It could be a surrogacy law that includes protections for women and children so that they would not become victims of trafficking,” he told AFP.

The article includes comments from a representative of Families Through Surrogacy, who describes Cambodia as “the last hope” after regulation in neighboring Thailand left many intended parents with fewer options.

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