Stranded Babies, Sobbing Parents: Pandemic Splits Surrogates From Families

The Japan Times | September 22, 2020

This article expands on the stories of children born through surrogacy who are stranded in Eastern European countries and discusses the revival of the Chinese black market in the face of COVID travel restrictions. Additionally, police in Russia and Ukraine are raiding “baby dens” amidst fears of human trafficking. The article also highlights the stark contrast in the cost of surrogacy: Ukraine and Georgia 35-50K; Russia 73K, and California 200K.

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‘I Have Been a Surrogate 3 Times, This Is What It’s Like’

Eloise Drane | Newsweek | September 23, 2020

An experienced surrogate shares her story of pregnancies for three couples. Prior to becoming a surrogate, she donated a kidney and then her eggs, describing her experience as a Black woman and the misinformation she encountered about people of color and infertility. She continues to see surrogacy as “a selfless, amazing, beautiful gift that you can give to somebody else,” despite serious health complications during two of her three surrogate pregnancies.

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Rwandan Court Backs Surrogacy in Landmark Ruling

Emmanuel Côme Mugisha | The New Times | September 11, 2020

The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court ruled in favor of a Rwandan couple who had been attempting to pursue legal surrogacy for several months. Initially a primary court judge denied their right to have a child through surrogacy, a decision the couple then appealed. The judgement finds the relationship between “two couples” and dictates that the child will be registered to the biological parents but stay with the “surrogate couple” for 6 months after birth.

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Covid 19 Coronavirus: Pandemic Turmoil Stops Parents Reaching Overseas Surrogate Babies

Bill Bonnety | NZ Herald | September 8, 2020

This article highlights New Zealand in the widespread circumstances of intended parents being unable to reach their children born to surrogates due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. New Zealand’s Family Court has created a new protocol to streamline the process of returning children to NZ by enabling the full adoption process to take place overseas, thus giving the child full citizenship before returning to NZ. One member of Parliament supported the change, though also noted the flaw of parents having to undergo adoption proceedings at all after a surrogacy birth.

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Boy Born Abroad Through Surrogacy Arrangement Seeks Irish Passport

Aodhan O’Faolain | The Irish Times | September 7, 2020

A same-sex couple who had a child through surrogacy in 2015 and live outside of Ireland has faced a consistent struggle with authorities to secure an Irish passport for their son. This article chronicles the back and forth between the parents and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has refused to recognize the parent-child relationship between the Irish citizen parent (not biological) and the child. In the past week, the family has initiated High Court proceedings in an attempt to finally secure a passport for their child.

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Fertility Clinic Booked for Cheating in Hyderabad

TelanganaToday | September 3, 2020

Universal Srushti Fertility Hospital faces charges for allegedly cheating a couple, PV Sathyanarayana and his wife Sulakshna Rani, who were engaged in a surrogacy agreement. The Hyderabad-based clinic assured the couple they could pick up their child in June, accepting significant payments in advance. Well after the delivery date, the clinic claimed that the surrogate mother had contracted COVID-19 and died, stating that they would start the process with a new surrogate. The couple filed a complaint after they learned that two doctors in charge of the hospital were arrested on child trafficking charges.

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