Removing donor anonymity retrospectively in Victoria, Australia – two years on

By Louise Johnson | BioNews | May 13, 2019

This article summarizes what happened in Victoria, Australia, after legislation was passed in 2017 allowing children conceived via egg or sperm donation before 1998 to apply to learn the identity of their donor, regardless of the donor’s expressed wishes.

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Let’s Stop Gagging Surrogates

By Alison Motluck | HeyReprotech Newsletter | May 7, 2019

Are confidentiality clauses in surrogacy agreements harmful? The author of this article says they are and argues that not only do they harm the health of surrogates, but also society as a whole. This article makes that point that, because good and effective public policies rely on accurate information, surrogates should be allowed to communicate about their personal experiences. “Gagging” surrogates, says the author, hinders public education and undermines effective public policy. 

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Researching the Risks of Donating Human Eggs

The Takeaway | WNYC Studios | May 6, 2019

In this podcast, guest Diane Tober, anthropologist and assistant professor at the University of San Fransisco, lifts the veil on the practice of donating eggs in the United States. Tober points out that donating eggs is an invasive procedure that is much riskier than advertised. The lack of research on the short- and long-term effects of egg provision, she says, complicates the concept of informed consent.

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Surrogacy: Why the world needs rules for ‘selling’ babies

By Claire Fenton-Glynn | BBC News | April 26, 2019

There are multiple kinds of surrogacy, and surrogacy laws differ all over the world. These differences have led to some tragic and high-profile cases of surrogacy arrangement gone wrong. They’ve also exacerbated the unlikelihood of agreed-upon global regulations. As this article explains: the global surrogacy market has sprung up due to the inconsistency of laws around the world, but it is because of these differences that they are unable to regulate the practice effectively.

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When Pregnancy Is a Job: Surrogacy in Policy and Practice

By April Hovav | Gender & Society | April 2, 2019

Researcher April Hovav explains the “altruism/commercialism dichotomy” and how it can work against surrogates by undermining their ability to advocate for just and equitable compensation and working conditions.

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Gay couple in Canada receive Irish passport for son but remain in ‘legal limbo’

By Ciara Kenny | The Irish Times | March 6, 2019

Two years after the birth of their son in Canada, a gay couple from Ireland finally have proof of his Irish citizenship, but do not share full legal custody in the eyes of their home country. This article tells the story of a family caught in an expensive international back-and-forth that is still only partly resolved despite the passage of the Children and Family Relationships Bill.

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