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Accurate information about the complexities and challenges of international commercial surrogacy can be difficult to find. Many intended parents who enter into cross-border arrangements have minimal information about legal risks to themselves and to children born through surrogacy. They often aren’t informed about the conditions that surrogates may experience or the risks to their health. And despite the fact that most international surrogacy arrangements rely on third-party eggs, the egg retrieval process—and related risks to egg providers—are rarely discussed.

Without reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive guidance, everyone engaged in international commercial surrogacy contracts is at risk. Surrogacy360 seeks to fill the information gap by offering materials free of marketing or influence by commercial interests.

People investigate international arrangements for many reasons. Some seek affordable pathways to parenting. Others face legal constraints or discrimination in their home country based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. What most intended parents have in common, however, is the desire to seek ethical arrangements that respect the rights of all parties.

This website offers:

  • Information on inequities embedded in the international surrogacy landscape;
  • The opportunity to grapple with ethical questions and to consider the rights and health of all parties involved;
  • A wealth of resources for people who wish to become parents through surrogacy; and
  • Tools to assess surrogacy opportunities based on values and family-building goals.

The website also provides resources for scholars, advocates, and journalists seeking up-to-date information on a range of surrogacy issues and on current surrogacy laws.

Surrogacy360 does not affiliate with, link to, or endorse any agents, clinics, or agencies.