Is the Surrogacy Bill Regressive?

By Chinki Sinha | India Today | September 4, 2019

Supporters of a new surrogacy bill in India say it would end the exploitation of women and protect the rights of children born through surrogacy. Opponents point out that the bill excludes all intended parents except married heterosexual couples and only allows for altruistic surrogacy, which they view as a violation of women’s rights.

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Legal Approach To Surrogacy In Nigeria

By Serah Onyeche Sanni | Mondaq Business Briefing | August 28, 2019

This article summarizes how surrogacy is currently practiced in Nigeria, despite there being no legal framework. The author makes a case for establishing laws that would “curb the existence of baby factories and exploitation of both surrogate mothers and commissioning parents” and consider the interests of children “as much as the interests of the parties to the contract.”

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