Surrogacy in the News

Former Surrogate Mom Responds to New Surrogacy Bill

By Miranda Paige | Dakota News Now | January 30, 2020

Advocates for limiting commercial surrogacy are speaking out in favor of a South Dakota bill that would make the practice a misdemeanor. As this article reports, one primary concern is that “people will take medical risks with their own health and life because they need the money.”

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Bill That Would Ban Commercial Surrogacy in SD Passes Through Committee

By Shannon Marvel | Inforum | January 29, 2020

House Bill 1096 would make brokering a surrogacy contract a Class 1 misdemeanor. It would also make any commercial surrogacy contract, whether entered into in South Dakota or any other state, unenforceable and void in South Dakota.

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French Senate Approves Bill Allowing IVF for Single Women, Lesbians

By Elizabeth Pineau | Reuters | January 22, 2020

Until now, France has had some of western Europe’s strictest rules governing medically assisted pregnancies. As this article explains, this bill will soften some restriction, although France will not pay for the treatment through it’s social security program.

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Buyer Beware: A Maryland Surrogacy Agency Was Scamming Vulnerable Hopeful Parents

By Ellen Trachman | Above the Law | January 8, 2020

The Surrogacy Group promised its clients services like matching intended parents with gestational surrogates, assisting clients with the surrogacy process, and managing funds. In many cases, as this article explains, the group’s owner pocketed the money, leaving both surrogates and intended parents high and dry.

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Giving Birth to Someone Else’s Child: Surrogacy in Armenia

By Armine Avetisyan | OC Media | January 6, 2020

This article tells the story of Gayane, a surrogate mother in Armenia, and Lilit and Sedrak, a couple who wanted to be parents but was unable to get pregnant. Their journey illustrates some of the dynamics in play around commercial surrogacy in Armenia and more broadly.

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Should Germany’s Ban on Egg Donation Be Lifted?

DW | January 2, 2020

Germany is one of only four countries in Central and Western Europe where egg cell donation or surrogate motherhood is completely forbidden. As this article explains, there is a growing movement for overturning, or at least softening, a law many consider outdated.

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