Surrogacy in the News

What Egg Donors Want Intended Parents to Know 

Alison Motluck | HeyReprotech Newsletter | September 1, 2020

This newsletter piece spotlights Surrogacy360’s own “What egg donors want intended parents to know” video series. It provides a synopsis of key points from the videos that intended parents should know or do differently. The writer notes, “Egg donors are too often the silent, hidden partners in modern reproductive care.” She recalls a striking moment when accompanying a donor to her surgical egg retrieval: they entered through the front door of the clinic but had to leave through the back.

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Judge: Gay Couple’s Child Born in England is a U.S. Citizen 

Kate Brumback | Washington Post | August 31, 2020

A US federal judge has ruled on the case of a gay couple in the state of Georgia, recognizing that their daughter, who was born to a surrogate in England, is a U.S. citizen. This ruling comes after another victory in a similar case of a gay US couple, in which citizenship was initially denied to a child born to a surrogate in Canada. In recent years, the State Department has made significant efforts to contest the citizenship status of gay couples’ children born to surrogates in other countries.

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Georgia Tightens Surrogacy Laws | August 28, 2020

Changes to Georgia’s surrogacy laws will require intended parents (only heterosexual couples are recognized) to live in a relationship for a year prior to engaging in surrogacy. The announcement was followed by a media outcry that these policies would prevent single women from using in vitro fertilization. The state responded by stating that the regulations aim to protect the rights of the surrogate, and of surrogate children from risks of infant trafficking, exploitation and other inhumane treatment.

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State Department Appeals Ruling Recognizing U.S. Citizenship of Gay Couple’s Daughter

Michael K. Lavers | Washington Blade | August 18, 2020

Roee and Adiel Kiviti of Chevy Chase, Maryland had a child born to a surrogate in Canada, only to learn that the US State Department would not recognize the American citizenship of their daughter. After a district judge ruled in favor of the couple, the State appealed the decision, continuing the legal battle. There have been several similar cases of discrimination against gay couples and their children in the US.

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Mothers, Babies Stranded in Ukraine Surrogacy Industry

By Maria Varenikova | The New York Times | August 15, 2020

This article describes a disturbing situation in the Ukrainian surrogacy industry. Surrogates hired by foreign couples are sent by agencies to Northern Cyprus to circumvent restrictions for same-sex couples or for sex selection. Alarming reports reveal required C-sections and poor medical care, leading to one infant death. As surrogates raced to return home before the Ukrainian border closed and intended parents were unable to reach their children, newborns have been stranded and left with ambiguous legal parentage.

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Eight Arrested in Russia’s First Surrogacy Probe

By AFP – Agence France Presse | Barron’s | August 3, 2020

Following the death of a child born to a surrogate in Moscow, a Russian probe was launched to investigate human trafficking within the highly-lucrative industry. According to the article, a number of other babies found in the same and other apartments were placed under state care. Eight suspects were arrested, among them doctors, a courier, the head of a surrogacy agency, and a surrogate.  

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