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The Business of Renting Wombs is Thriving–and Surrogates Don’t Always Understand the Risks

Carolyn Barber | Fortune Well | November 17, 2022

The surrogacy industry is booming in the US with little to no oversight. Clinics often fail to inform potential surrogates about risks of IVF, which can lead to dangerous complications for them and for the children.

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Should ‘Social Surrogacy’ Be Permitted?

Ellen Trachman | Above the Law | November 16, 2022

The US-based nonprofit SEEDS recognizes ethical challenges of the surrogacy industry and is establishing best practices for surrogacy agencies to follow. But even this approach assumes, with evidence to the contrary, that US clinics will be able to self-regulate.

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Overseas Commercial Surrogacy to be Permitted Under New Law

Pat Leahy & Kitty Holland | The Irish Times | November 13, 2022

Many Irish couples pursue surrogacy as a means to form families, usually in Ukraine. A new law will permit commercial surrogacy abroad but ban it in Ireland. It will also make it easier for intended parents to be legally recognized in Ireland.

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What is Commercial Surrogacy and Why Can’t Australians Use It Here?

Samantha Selinger-Morris | The Sydney Morning Herald | November 10, 2022

In Australia, ethical concerns with commercial surrogacy resulted in a ban on the practice; only altruistic surrogacy is legal. Couples often venture abroad in the hopes of finding a surrogate in countries where payment is legal.

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Centre Opposes Plea Challenging Provisions of Surrogacy Law

The Hindu | November 8, 2022

Petitioners challenging India’s surrogacy law–including the ban on payment–argue that it violates the right to reproductive autonomy, which they deem a part of the right to privacy guaranteed in the Constitution. But the Indian government opposes any dilution of the law.

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NI High Court: No Discrimination in Denying IVF Treatment for Same-sex Couple

Conor Courtney | Irish Legal News | November 7, 2022

A same sex couple alleged discrimination after being denied access to public funding for IVF w/ a surrogate, but Northern Ireland’s High Court found that funding for IVF was meant for medical infertility, not surrogacy arrangements.

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‘Nobody Is Taking Away My Child.’ What Thailand’s Push for Marriage Equality Means for One Family

Charlie Campbell | Time | November 3, 2022

Surrogacy & adoption services in Thailand are only available to legally married couples, excluding LGBTQ people. Proposed legislation would expand access for LGBTQ families, including for this transgender mom and her adopted children.

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Colonialism Of Childbirth: How Racism Slammed Into My Surrogacy Experience

Abril Castro Prieto | WorldCrunch | November 3, 2022

Abril Castro Prieto from Mexico illustrates the effects of racism and colonialism on the reproductive technology industry  and shares her personal experience with reciprocal IVF (mis-translated from original Spanish into the English version as “surrogacy”). When choosing an anonymous sperm donor, her doctor assumed she would opt for a white donor, i.e. expecting she would want to “improve the race.” 

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Inside Ukraine’s Surrogacy Crisis: The Australian Families Caught In The War

Kathryn Madden | Marie Claire | November 2, 2022

With a legislative prohibition on compensated surrogacy, many Australian couples look abroad for surrogates, sometimes pursuing dangerous or illegal arrangements. Do these precarious agreements leave surrogates vulnerable to exploitation?

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‘Rent My Womb’: Women Are Desperate to Become Surrogates in Mexico

Emily Green | Vice | October 28, 2022

Increasing demand among U.S. couples for cheaper surrogacy options has contributed to a surrogacy boom in Mexico. Mexican women are signing up to be surrogates, but the lack of regulations to oversee it leave surrogates vulnerable to exploitation.

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