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How Canada became an international surrogacy destination

By Alison Motluk | The Globe and Mail | Oct. 7, 2019

Anecdotal reports and incomplete data suggest that a growing number of intended parents internationally are seeking surrogacy arrangements in Canada. This article explores why Canada has become a destination for surrogacy and the potential consequences of this development. 

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How a surrogate twin pregnancy turned into a custody battle over unrelated babies

By Alison Motluk and Liz Hoath | CBC Radio | Aug. 23, 2018

When Jessica Allen, a California mother of two, decided to become a gestational surrogate, she was surprised to find herself pregnant with twins. Later, a DNA test revealed she is the biological mother of one of the two babies. This article tells the story of the Allen family’s long and costly legal battle to recover their biological son.

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Paid to carry a stranger’s baby – then forced to raise it

By Elaine Chong and Tim Whewell | BBC News | February 2019

Thirty-three women were arrested in Cambodia as part of crackdown on the illegal surrogacy industry there. The surrogacy agency employees were charged with trafficking, and the surrogates, most of whom did not know the practice was illegal, were charged and detained, then required to raise the children themselves without receiving the surrogacy compensation or any other financial assistance. This article features the stories of four Cambodian women caught up in the crackdown.

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Spain to reject registration of babies born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine

By Marta Rodriguez Martinez and Rachael Kennedy | Euronews | Feb. 20, 2019

The Spanish government is blocking the return of babies born to surrogates in Ukraine, the second time the government has challenged births through international surrogacy. Compensated surrogacy is illegal in Spain. Ukraine has become a “hotspot” for intended parents whose home country does not allow surrogacy. The article has an interactive map of regulation in Europe.

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Ireland’s proposed surrogacy laws fail to acknowledge international arrangements

By Dr Brian Tobin | BioNews | Feb. 11, 2019

Ireland has the second highest rate of surrogacy in the world, despite the fact that intended parents who enter into international surrogacy arrangements are not recognized as legal parents upon their return to Ireland. Ireland’s new proposed surrogacy laws, contained in the General Scheme of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill, will only allow for domestic, altruistic, gestational surrogacy and will leave those who engage in compensated international surrogacy without protection. This opinion piece argues for a child-centered approach in surrogacy regulation, one which recognizes the intended parents of the child, including those who hire surrogates in another country and gay couples where the non-genetic parent is currently not recognized.

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One Baby, Two Fathers: The Rise of Gay Men Turning to Surrogacy

By Lin Qiqing | Sixth Tone: Fresh voices from today’s China | Jan. 13, 2019

This article features three stories, two gay couples and a single gay man in China, who all had children through international surrogacy. It follows their paths as they navigate family and cultural expectations around parenthood and highlights the increasing popularity of international surrogacy among gay men in China. This article has a map showing the steps one couple went through across three countries.

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