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Do the Law Commissions’ Proposals for Surrogacy Reform Have the Child’s Welfare at Heart?

By Catherine Hill | BioNews | September 30, 2019

Surrogacy legislation in Scotland has not been updated since 1985. This article summarizes the proceedings at the Progress Educational Trust (PET) and the Scottish Government’s joint public event, during which potential changes to the law were debated by doctors, academics, surrogates, and others, with an emphasis on safety for surrogates and children.

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My American Surrogate

By Leslie Tai | The New York Times | September 24, 2019

This article and video tell the story of Qiqi, an entrepreneurial woman from China who has made a name for herself connecting Chinese intended parents with American surrogates. Content warning: This video depicts a live birth.

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Nearly Half of Surrogates Are Doing it for a Friend

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons | The Sydney Morning Herald | September 22, 2019

New research out of Australia, where commercial surrogacy is illegal, shows that friends are overtaking family members as the most likely people to act as altruistic surrogates in that country.

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Ukraine’s ‘Baby Factories’: The Human Cost of Surrogacy

By Madeline Roache | Al Jazeera | September 13, 2019

As other countries crack down on commercial surrogacy, Ukraine is becoming an increasingly popular destination for individuals and couples who wish to form families in this way. But, as this article summarizes, intended parents and surrogates alike report that the Ukrainian commercial surrogacy companies they initially trusted became abusive, provided poor living and medical conditions, and engaged in deceptive practices.

What Happens When the Surrogate Gets Postpartum Depression?

By Sarah Toler | Medium | September 12, 2019

This article tells the story of Karen, a woman who carried two surrogate pregnancies and became chronically depressed after the second one. Despite being treated well during her pregnancies, Karen says she has been left to fend for herself in the face of an expensive and debilitating condition directly related to the birth.

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Is the Surrogacy Bill Regressive?

By Chinki Sinha | India Today | September 4, 2019

Supporters of a new surrogacy bill in India say it would end the exploitation of women and protect the rights of children born through surrogacy. Opponents point out that the bill excludes all intended parents except married heterosexual couples and only allows for altruistic surrogacy, which they view as a violation of women’s rights.

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