Surrogacy360, a website free of marketing or influence by commercial interests, provides factual information and resources on international commercial surrogacy.

For many people considering parenthood through surrogacy, international arrangements can be more appealing because they are a less-expensive alternative to domestic arrangements. Yet it can be difficult to find accurate information about the practice.

Surrogacy360 explores the health, legal, and ethical issues related to international commercial surrogacy, particularly in former and emerging hubs such as India, Nepal, Mexico, Ukraine, Georgia, and South East Asia.

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Surrogacy can be an appealing option for people dealing with infertility or other health issues, or who face legal barriers to parenting due to discriminatory laws based on sexual orientation or marital status.

And yet it can be difficult to find commercial-free information and decision-making tools to help answer complex questions. Many websites exist, but they're mostly run by clinics and other agents who broker surrogacy arrangements. The information is often incomplete or inaccurate.

Surrogacy360 provides resources that people considering surrogacy can trust as they make important life decisions. It explores relationships among those involved in surrogacy arrangements: intended parents, egg providers, surrogates (or, more accurately, gestational mothers), and children. We do not facilitate surrogacy arrangements.

As the demand for gestational mothers increases around the world, Surrogacy360 is an important contribution to the wider social conversation on international surrogacy – the way it is practiced today and its future. We hope you find the site helpful and invite you to join us in this global discussion.