Article: Half Siblings from Sperm and Egg Donation

Half Siblings from Sperm and Egg Donation
Wendy Kramer | Huffington Post | March 13, 2017

huffington post logoIn an article exploring the value of genetics, the co-founder of the Donor Sibling Registry presents a compelling case for connection between (egg and sperm) donors and the children they help create, as well as half siblings (donor offspring and biological children).

The article features registry participants, including one who says, “I’m joining the Donor Sibling Registry in the hope of connecting with others who have had similar experiences, hearing stories, and maybe even finding a biological half-sibling or relative.,..” Another, ecstatic about meeting a half sibling at 29 years, wishes they had known each other their whole lives, while parents talk about their decisions to either foster or avoid early contact.

The author also provides a lot of information about the registry, which was founded in 2000 to assist individuals conceived as a result of sperm, egg, or embryo donation that are seeking to make mutually desired contact with others with whom they share genetic ties.

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