Article: Towards Ethical Standards in Surrogacy

Towards Ethical Standards in Surrogacy
By Michael Cook | BioEdge | Oct. 1, 2016

This short piece describes the effort of one agency – Men Having Babies – to introduce “ethical standards” in the practice of commercial surrogacy.

Their principles include: screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-12-19-17-pmsurrogacy should be legal everywhere for infertile couples; contracts should be legally enforceable; the ability to “seamlessly” terminate any parental rights and obligations of donors and gestational mothers; criminal background checks for intended parents; reasonable compensation not tied to outcomes; and informed consent and legal representation for gestational mothers.

It concludes with a critique by a participant at the agency’s recent gathering in Brussels.

Men Having Babies, on its website, claims to provide unbiased advice to gay couples around the world that are considering commercial surrogacy.

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